TENZ PLP: Technology Education New Zealand Professional Learning Programme

TENZ PLP Survey 2015

Vision: To enhance the delivery of Technology Education at all levels in New Zealand schools  “Quality Teaching and Learning in Technology ”

Professional development by TENZ for Technology education 

Why is TENZ offering professional development?

  • To provide equal opportunity
  • To fill gaps in current professional development
  • To be responsive to specific needs of teachers at all levels


  1. To enhance teacher understandings of Technology in NZC (2007) 
  2. Enhance teachers ability to deliver quality technology education to their students
  3. To provide technology teachers opportunity to enhance their qualifications while participating in an in-depth PLD programme 
  4. Teachers with relevant qualifications will be encouraged to use RPL process to enter and complete post-graduate study in the area of technology education. 
  5. To develop leaders in the area of technology education 
  6. To encourage research and articles for technology education journals e.g. Australian Journal of Technology Education.

The professional learning programme offered by TENZ is designed to provide ongoing, developmental and progressive learning opportunities. Teachers will be exposed to best practice in technology education, asked to examine theoretical understandings underpinning technology education, to be reflective and link knowledge gained to their own classroom practice.

  • The PLP programme will be tailored to meet and address the needs of participating teachers, teaching in different sectors and in diverse contexts. 
  • The programme will be lead by quality facilitators, involve a mix of face-to-face delivery and supported online. 
  • An additional option to use the professional learning obtained through participation in this programme to apply for Masters credit through the University of Waikato is also offered.  

Delivery: Different delivery options are offered :

  • 4-Day Block Course
  • 2 block days + 2 block days 
  • Or 1 day every 5-6 weeks over 2 terms 

The final structure will be determined by teacher’s needs and location.

For more information please contact: moira.n.patterson@gmail.com.