The six TENZ regions

TENZ is divided into six regions Auckland, Waikato, Central Districts, Wellington, Norhtern South Island and Southern South Island. A regional chair and a regional committee oversee clusters and events in these regions

TENZ is setting up Technology clusters in the regions to support teachers teaching Technology at a local level. You are welcome to join a cluster group or set up your own. Regional chairs and committee members can visit your clusters or arrange for knowledgeable people to assist you. They will also keep you informed of any local TENZ meetings, an end of year function and provide updates regarding Technology education at a National level. During 2014, each region will also be holding a mini conference. Attendance will be free of charge for TENZ members.

For more information regarding your regions, please contact the following regional chairs:

Auckland : Wendy Slatter wendyslatter@yahoo.co.nz

Waikato/BOP: Steve Andrew SAndrew@stjohns-hamilton.school.nz

Central Districts: TBC

Wellington: Janet Barnes janbar013@gmail.com

Northern South Island: Paul Snape paul.snape@canterbury.ac.nz

Southern Island: Bill Boyes  billboyes@tahuna.school.nz 

For any further queries regarding regions, please contact Moira Patterson m.patterson@auckland.ac.nz